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Happy Easter!!

March 29, 2013 | posted in: Easter, Green Art, Recycle, Uncategorized | by




Go Green this Spring with recycled Easter crafts!

No need to buy new Easter baskets and party decorations this year. Instead, make them by using recycled items from around the house. Its simple and easy. Just follow the steps below!




How to make an Easter favor out of a toilet paper roll:

Follow these directions and you can create an Easter party popper using a toilet paper roll. Not only do these make colorful Easter decorations but, they also double as party favors because you can fill them with candy or other small treats.

Materials Needed:

  • Colored Tissue Paper
  • Toilet Paper Roll
  • Cellophane Paper
  • Curling Ribbon
  • Small Candies and/or gifts
  • Scissors


Start out by cutting 1 to 3 pieces of tissue paper into 12′ x 12′ squares. I would suggest using at least two pieces of tissue paper to make your party popper a little stronger. You can use tissue paper in different colors for each layer or use all the same color if you like.

Lay the squares of tissue paper on your work surface on top of each other and then lay the toilet tissue roll centered along one edge of the paper.Tape the edge of the tissue paper onto the side of the toilet paper roll. Roll the toilet paper roll up in tissue paper tightly and secure the other end with tape. Your toilet paper roll should now be completely covered and you should have about 3″ of tissue paper hanging off each end of the toilet tissue roll.

Cut 2 pieces of curling ribbon, each one about 20-inches long. Pinch the tissue paper together on one end of the toilet paper roll and tie it with the ribbon as close to the toilet paper roll as you can. Now, you can fill the inside of the toilet paper roll with candy and/or small gifts. Once it is full, pinch and tie the open end of the tissue paper like you did the first end.

For a nice finishing touch, use the edge of a scissor blade to curl the ribbon. For a fancier party popper, use two or more pieces of ribbon to give it a fuller look. You can also decorate the party popper using crayons, markers, or stickers.






Make an Easter basket using recycled containers and simple art supplies.

Materials Needed:

  • Container: oatmeal box, milk carton, or other square or round box that can be cut down
  • Craft foam or Construction paper
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
1. Cut off the top of the container so you have sides & a bottom for your basket
2. Cut a piece of foam/paper to fit around the sides of your basket
3. Using a glue stick, attach foam/paper to the sides and let dry
5. Cut a strip for the handle and attach it at the sides (inside of container)
6. Let dry and then fill with Easter goodies!

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