The first step in exceeding your customer’s expectations is to know those expectations.

-Roy H. Williams


“Our experience with So-Cal Solar Inc., has been exceptional. We were referred to them by a friend who had nothing but excellent things to say about the entire team at So-Cal Solar. Our experience paralleled our friends. From the attention to detail to the constant communications the company is a shining example of how to make your customers happy. The entire experience from quote to final submittal of applications and turn on has been a real joy. We now have a 4.1KW system on our house that is performing exceptionally. Even on overcast raining days I can check the system and see that it is producing energy. This just shows that the design of the layout and the implementation were optimized. The panels are mounted wonderfully on the roof and the inverter and all wiring and conduits are laid out intelligently and professionally. Everything we asked from So-Cal Solar has been delivered, and more. I would recommend them to anyone I know, and I have. You will not be disappointed if you choose So-Cal Solar Inc.”
Mike B.
Winchester, CA

“My wife and I had So-Cal Solar Inc., install our solar panels for our house and it’s the best move we ever did! We had several contractors come out but this was by far the best service, price and quality we saw. I even recommended them to a friend who is a very picky Engineer who had them install solar panels for his house. The amount of electricity their system produced actually exceeds what was promised! In a world full of several choices for construction/service providers who promise a lot and seldom deliver, these guys were amazing!”
Scott & Leslie K.
Temecula, CA

“When it comes to installing a residential solar system one has many options. I looked at many different companies and chose So-Cal Solar Inc. for their expertise and competency. Being an electrical engineer by trade I had many questions about the system, the solar panels and inverters, etc. The So-Cal Solar team provided correct and honest information giving me the confidence to make the right investment decision. Todd Ayers, the owner of the company, did not only stop by to supervise the work of his team but also performed all the critical work himself. I am are very happy with the photovoltaic system installed by So-Cal Solar. Since its installation it has consistently outperformed the production estimates by 10 to 15% producing more than the electric energy need of my family.”
Rudi S.
El Cajon, CA

“My experience with SoCal Solar Inc. exceeded my expectations on purchase, professionalism and installation.

Reputation: the company was recommended to me by a co-worker, with the numerous choices on the market for solar services, I did not have time to research which were the best – or have time for a poor choice. Word of mouth proved to be a very valuable manner in my selection of So-Cal Solar – they lived up to their excellent reputation.

My initial contact with So-Cal Solar Inc. was very professional, it was with Xiomara Roman – it was not a pressured sales pitch, it was about me and what I needed for my home, from the first call things were off to a good start. All my calls were quickly followed up, and if requested, different methods of communication such as voicemail, e-mail, and text were used to keep me updated. It was nice that I was able to speak with Xiomara each time, I was never switched to a new employee and required to describe my questions/situation. Customer service was excellent.

The proposal was first class, it addressed engineering, electrical consumption, system specifications, and return on investment. All of the above were in simple easy to read tables and graphs, very professional.

The installation was done in a very professional manner by a team of three employees, I was kept up to date on progress and my back yard (work site) was kept very clean and smoke free. (Note, the employees remained overnight at a local hotel, reducing travel time and resulting in focus on my job – once they started they stayed.)

At the completion of the installation, So-Cal Solar did all coordination with the city, my HOA, and the utility, this was part of the price and it paid off. It was a turn key product.

So-Cal Solar Inc. valued me as a customer, met my intent, communicated with me often, made no excuses and delivered an amazing product. I recommend them very highly for any solar needs!”
Ken M.
San Marcos, CA

“From start to finish the entire process with So-Cal Solar Inc. was smooth and an absolute pleasure. They eased the stress of making this purchase by securing our financing and completed all stated rebate and federal tax credit paperwork. We love to know that our family is doing our part in saving the environment.”
Pam D.
Santa Barbara

“I selected So-Cal Solar Inc. as my solar installation company. Choosing So-Cal Solar was the best decision I could have ever made. They listened to all my goals and came up with a solution that suited all the needs I had desired. From start to finish they kept me informed of everything that had to do with my system installation. It is a nice feeling to know I would no longer be a victim of increasing energy rates. I am a general contractor and deal with many different types of contractors on a daily basis and I have never had a more positive experience with a contractor than So-Cal” Solar Inc.
Sheldon S.
Lancaster, CA

“About 12 years ago we put in a large pool and we wanted to have a solar heater installed for the water. I thought this was a nice green move, but after figuring the electricity to run the 2 horsepower pump, I began thinking about solar electric. It was not until this year the tax credits and incentives from the electric company got me moving.

The first company I called wanted to lease the panels also they were talking about putting it on my lovely terra-cotta tile roof. Oh yes, there was also some talk about cutting down my 40-year-old California sycamore tree. No way!I called another company and they said I could buy the panels and would be able to own all of the system. After collecting 19 months of electric bills, and sending them the data, they proposed a system consisting of 32 German made panels and gave me a quote. Hearing about So-Cal Solar Inc. on my favorite radio station, I wrote down their number and gave them a call. Since I had all the electrical usage data in hand they had a package to present in just a couple of days. There was a lot to study. After reading the details, I was pleased to find that the panels were made in Scottsdale, Arizona. Another plus was that their estimate was considerably less money than the previous one, and was going to use 12 more panels. They offered financing as well.

After doing the numbers, it became apparent I could refinance my house on a 15 year mortgage at a low interest rate, take out the money from my equity to pay for the solar and the increased mortgage payment would be nearly offset by zeroing out my electric bill. Fortunately, we have enough property that the unit could be installed in the backyard and did not require damaging the landscape.

All the paperwork was done, and construction started in about two weeks. The workers were pleasant and careful to close the gates after they left. Just the other day, in the dead of winter, I saw that the panels for putting out 95% of the maximum power.

Working with So-Cal Solar Inc. has been a great delight. I would recommend them to anyone.”
Dave C.
Palmdale, CA

“So-Cal Solar Inc. not only has become my solar company but a life time friend. They truly treated me like I was part of their family.”
Christina S.
San Diego, CA

“My experience with So-Cal Solar was an absolute pleasure from start to finish. Everything I asked they addressed and everything I wanted they did. I have recommended them over and over again to all my friends and family because they treat their customers extremely well. They truly are solar experts and I am happy that I selected them as my solar company.”
Jessica S.
Lancaster, CA

“One of my best decisions was going solar with So-Cal Solar Inc. My experience with them was great and their service was exellcent. Everything when smooth with no problems! I am glad I went with So-Cal Solar Inc.”
Alexander H.
Santa Clarita, CA

“When I was looking to add solar to my home, I was looking for a system that did more than just save me money on my monthly electrical bill. With the So-Cal Solar Inc. system I was able to purchase the system rather than lease. With the So -Cal Solar system it is an investment that improves the value of my home, saves me money on my electrical bill, while being better for the environment. For the first time I am not giving money away to a big electrical company to use electricity. Now I am getting the investment benefits along with savings while using my own electricity. So-Cal Solar Inc. was a pleasure to work with. During every step of the process they were right there with me to work out any issues and answer all my questions. I had a couple of road blocks getting the solar panels to work on my house but So Cal Solar worked out every issue at no extra charge to me to get the system working. All technicians and sales personnel were highly professional and took the time to make sure the job was done right and all of my questions or concerns were answered. I would highly recommend So-Cal Solar Inc. to anyone looking to add solar to your home or business.”
Erik R.
Lancaster, CA

“I am so glad I went with So-Cal Solar Inc.! Now I just sit back and relax knowing that I don’t have to worry about my electricity bill. Thanks So-Cal Solar Inc.!”
Fernando M
Newhall, CA

“So-Cal Solar was the best company I’ve ever dealt with! They really made me feel like I was a part of the whole process! I recommend So-Cal Solar to everyone who is trying to go green! Not only did they do an outstanding job! But their customer service is excellent.”
Nick L.
Oceanside, CA

“I was so happy to come across So-Cal Solar Inc. All I would ever hear about are solar leases so I didn’t really know there were any other options until I heard about So-Cal Solar. They are the solution to owning your solar system instead of leasing. They assisted me in obtaining a solar loan, designed my system, secured my solar rebate, and installed the system all in a friendly and professional manner. My system is the envy of the neighbors and I love that I got rid of that increasing electric bill. Thanks a ton!”
Anthony S.
Victorville, CA

“I’ve had troubles coming across a good company that would install solar for me, but then I found So-Cal Solar Inc! They have great employees that know what they’re doing, and make sure the job is done right.”
Susan H.
Palmdale, CA