Purchase Vs. Lease

Why lease when you can own?

-Todd Ayers

Purchase vs Lease

We have all heard and seen the advertisements of “Go Solar For $0 Down” and thought “what a great deal.” However, once you begin to peel back the onion you will soon realize the huge advantages of going solar with a purchase and not a lease! We encourage every homeowner who is weighing out the options between a purchase and a lease to take the time to do the math, read the fine print and we guarantee you will make up the decision to go solar with a purchase not
a lease.

So-Cal Solar Inc. works with several different lenders to assist homeowners in securing the best loan for a solar purchase. All of the lenders that we work with are very educated in how solar works and understand the true value solar gives to a homeowner and home. By going solar with a loan it also allow a homeowner to “Go Solar For $0 Down” since So-Cal Solar Inc. nor do our lenders require any form of a deposit or down payment for going solar.

The most attractive parts of going solar is reducing or eliminating your monthly electric payment and protecting your home from future utility rate increases. By going solar with a purchase your loan payment is always less than what your average utility payment is, you are protected from rate increases and your loan payment never increases each year as it would with a lease. Also, here at So-Cal Solar Inc. we aim at providing homeowners with a 100% system so instead of adding another monthly payment to your household as you would with a lease (you still pay both utility and lease payment) we replace one for a much lower monthly payment.

Please take a moment to study the graph below for more information on a Purchase VS Lease