Residential Solar Installation

Do you realize if it weren’t for Edison we’d be watching TV by candlelight?

– Al Boliska

Residential Solar Installation

house w solarYour Solar Journey Starts Here

We understand that the choice to go solar can be overwhelming because you have so many questions about the process and results. At So-Cal Solar Inc., we’re here to make the transition to residential solar a simple one. Our mission is to educate you and help you through your entire solar installation experience. Because every family and home is unique, we create a custom solar installation for each customer. Each member of our staff has years of experience to know how to meet your needs each step of the way.

What We Do For You

So-Cal Solar Inc. prides itself on being a full-service solar installation company. What does that mean for you? We will:

  • Secure your financing
  • Complete your rebate paperwork, including crediting you for the state rebate upfront
  • Design a solar system to meet your specific energy needs
  • Draft a set of custom blueprints
  • Handle all interaction with local permit offices and city and utility inspections
  • Manage your entire residential solar project from beginning to end
  • Complete your solar installation in a timely manner
Why Lease When You Can Own?

We make it easy and affordable to go solar. With no-money-down options for residential solar installation through So-Cal Solar Inc., we can get you started right away on the path toward energy self-sufficiency. Our financing allows you to  purchase the system rather than just leasing it like the other companies offer.

Learn More About Residential Solar Installation

One of our main priorities in serving our customers is to fuel you with knowledge on solar electricity so you feel comfortable and secure with choosing your best solar solution. As you navigate through our residential solar website, you will learn how solar works, find solar system options, and recognize the financial benefits of having a solar system. At any point, feel free to contact us with questions and concerns. We are always here to help!