Getting Started

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.

-Walt Disney

Getting Started

1 Decide:

Every business is different so we first take a look at your 12 months of energy usage and available roof or land space. We then provide a detailed proposal that shows your recommended system size, system components, installation cost, rebates and tax incentives. Lastly a financial analysis is produced that will display your return on investment.

We provide a variety of different loan options so that you can choose the best solar loan program allowing you to OWN the system and not lease it.

2. Design:

So-Cal Solar Inc. has a dedicated team of highly qualified engineers that will design your solar electric system. All of our engineers and drafters are very experienced with the different city and county building, safety and fire codes to ensure your system meets all California permit requirements.

3. Installation:

So-Cal Solar Inc. employs a team of knowledgeable solar installers. Your typical installation time various due to system size and complexity, but we aim at a fast turnaround time. From start to finish every business is well informed of the permit process, crew arrival/departure time, inspections and utility interconnection to power grid. We strive to achieve the upmost customer service by handling all the details every step of the way.

4. Monitoring:

After your solar system has been fully installed, our technical department will connect a monitoring device to ensure your system is operating efficiently, and correctly. Both So-Cal Solar Inc. and the customer will have access to the monitoring system to ensure 100% accuracy.