The first step in exceeding your customer’s expectations is to know those expectations.

-Roy H. Williams


You’re tired of paying hundreds of dollars a month in electric bills. You’ve heard the ads and they have you wondering, “Is solar right for me?” We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you decide.

Is my home/business a good fit for solar panels?

We will do everything we can to make solar work for you. The two biggest factors are the amount sunlight you receive throughout the day and the amount of available roof/land space. Our solar experts will review your space and create a solar solution that fits your needs while being designed within building and safety codes.

What size system will I need?

Every home or business is different. First, we take a look at your last 12 months of electrical usage. Depending on your annual kilowatt hours and available roof/land space will we recommend a system size. If space is not an issue than we aim at doing a 100% system that will take care of all your energy needs. However, a system can be designed to handle any load amount up to 100% energy usage.

Should I wait for new technology?

There is no need. We are still using the same solar technology that we used back in the 60’s. Solar panels today have just slightly become smaller and more efficient. Now more than ever is the best time to invest into solar energy.

Is it difficult to switch from my electric company to a solar system?

Not at all! We will take care of all your needs and get your system up and running as smoothly as possible. We know how big a solar investment is to a homeowner so we work efficiently to make the switch to solar energy an easy and smooth one.

How do you assess my available space?

Solar panels need sunlight. While it is best if they are facing south or southwest, what matters most is that is that the panels are free from obstructions that cause shading. If you think your roof might be a good candidate for solar, now’s a good idea to get a free solar quote!

Will my system be monitored after it is installed?

Yes of course! After your system has been fully installed our technical department will install system monitoring to ensure it is operating efficiently and correctly. Both us and our customers have access to their system monitoring to ensure 100% accuracy.

What kind of maintenance is required for my system?

A solar electrical system requires very minimal maintenance if any. A solar system has no moving parts so that lessens the chances of anything going wrong. California receives an adequate amount of rainfall throughout the year that will take care of washing your solar panels. We will install a monitoring system which our technical department will closely monitor for you to ensure that your system is producing as we quoted. All of our systems come equipped with warranties that cover workmanship, the inverter and solar panels.

Do you offer any financing?

Yes!! We work with a several different lenders to make sure that investing in a system is easy and painless. Our financial partners are very knowledgeable when it comes to the benefits of going solar so they understand your needs.