Terrell Family Roof Mount

Terrell Family Roof Mount

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IMG_2635The Terrell family was referred to So-Cal Solar from a previous client who also had a solar installation completed by So-Cal Solar Inc. The Terrell family wanted a system that took care of 100% of their electrical needs. The team at So-Cal Solar Inc. was able to design a 5.380kW system that used two roof areas, 22 solar panels and 1 central inverter.

Mr. Terrell stated, “”My wife and I had been considering going solar for over a year and a half. We talked to several companies and all we got were prices and lease options. When we heard about the So Cal Solar Free Seminars we did not want to miss out.  Attending this seminar was the best thing we could’ve done in helping us make a decision to go solar.  There were many other homeowner’s who attended and we were able to hear their questions and concerns.  Xiomara had our proposal ready after the seminar and at that point we knew we were ready to buy our system.  I would recommend So Cal Solar Seminar to anyone who is considering going solar.”

100% Solar System

Antelope Valley, CA

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