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Our Top 5 Pins Of The Week!

March 26, 2013 | posted in: Pinterest | by

1. Bonsai Solar Tree

bonzai tree

Ok seriously a bonsai tree that has solar and charges your gadgets….can it get any cooler than this? We think not and are totally into this silly little tree. This has been put on our list of things WE JUST HAVE TO HAVE!!!



2. Portable Elliptical Trainer

eliptical trainer

So you are telling me I can work and get my work-out on? Multitasking taken to the next level and killing two birds with one stone….WE LOVE IT!!!



3. Hanging Pumpkins

hanging pumpkins

So last year one of our employees was able to grow pumpkins but they sort of took over her entire backyard so when we came upon this pin we were a bit pumpkin crazy. We think a nice chair underneath would be the finishing touch to this awesome idea!



4. Garden Fish Tank

fish tank

So the owner of our company is Fish CRAZY!!! We think we should totally make him add this to his garden but we are bit worried the fish won’t survive since his chocolate lab not only loves getting into everything water but that silly dog might think those little golden fish are toys. Nonetheless, this idea would totally add some life to your backyard space.



5. Citrus Beer Cocktail


You can never go wrong with a nice cocktail but one that looks this great just makes us want to end the week and start enjoying this beautiful California sunshine. What is your new poolside drink?


Let us know your top pins so we can share with each other.



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