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Woman in Technology

October 30, 2013 | posted in: Lifestyle | by 1 Comment

In recent year, women have taken a bigger role on the technology front, especially in the areas of renewable energy. This industry has seen several women emerge onto its forefront, most notably in clean energy technologies in developing nations.

Groups such as Solar Sister in Sub-Saharan Africa are actually taking it upon themselves to empower women, because women need to generate their own income, and with Solar Sister’s ideas, and help, they can run their own businesses right from their homes.

Solar Sister gives women the opportunity to run a business, via their ‘business in a bag’ entrepreneurship program. They promise that ‘When you invest in a woman, you invest in the future.’

Other amazing women at the forefront of renewable energy technology include women in Rajasthan, India. Selco, an Indian business that is helping women who run their own businesses, by providing them with renewable energy sources for their businesses. These women are then becoming experts on green energy, and then these women can train other women and men in their communities, keeping their communities at the forefront of technology, and helping them prosper.

As Solar Sister said, investing in women is investing in the future. Women use the majority of energy in our world, from cooking to cleaning to agricultural processes. Showing women how to develop and use green energy sources…that is the way to save the world.

One Response to Woman in Technology
  1. I got my solar panels installed recently and I am a girl. It was the best feeling to see how much my electricity had lowered throughout the past few months.

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