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Top Ten Earth Day Tips

Happy Earth Day from the So-Cal Solar Family! Here are our top ten Earth Day Tips:



1. Unplug Electronics: Leaving electronics plugged in when not in use is called the “vampire effect.” Even when not turned on, an appliance that is plugged into a power source can still draw energy. According to the Department of Energy, Americans waste 5% of energy due to the “vampire effect.”

2. Buy food from farmer’s markets: Small farms use their lands more efficiently. The food is usually organic which means no chemicals or pesticides have been used. Therefore, it is overall more healthy for you.

3. Don’t brown-bag lunch: Pack your lunch in a reusable container and reusable water bottle instead. The use of plastic utensils, containers and paper napkins will be eliminated.

4.Compost: You can greatly reduce the amount of household trash by composting. Separate your compost and keep it in your freezer so it doesn’t smell and then take it to a local composting site.

5. Properly dispose old electronics: Keep electronics out of landfills because when they are exposed to heat they release toxic chemicals into the air, water and ground.

6.Stay close to home: Work, vacation and travel as close to home as possible. This reduces the amount of driving you have to do.

7. Proper gardening: Leave grass clippings on your lawn. The clippings act as fertilizer and prevents them from going to the landfill. Also, don’t use pesticides in your garden. They are harmful to your family and the environment.

8. Use natural, non-toxic cleaning products: Use products with ingredients such as vinegar, baking soda and water. They are better for the environment and your home.

9. Buy an energy efficient car or cut driving time: Cut down driving time by carpooling or taking public transportation.

10. Join an environmental group: You can help an environmental group carry out its goals of protecting the environment and stopping practices that destroy the air, water and soil.

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