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HM Launches Garment Recycling Program…WE LIKE!

March 18, 2014 | posted in: Fashion, In The News, Lifestyle | by

HM Launches Garment Recycling Program…WE LIKE! HM garments recycling programs are devoting serious attention to the preservation of the environment through development of its recycled clothing line. HM development department has set a goal to increase the use of recycled fabrics in their clothing line. HM has a garment collection process enabling the promotion of the H&M Conscious Foundation. Recycled fabrics are taking on popularity as the economy switches gears. Cleaning and reusing fabrics as a renewed product saves wasted energy and offers the public new products.
HM recycled clothing is available in retail outlets. The HM garment recycling programs create styles mixed with old cloth, and newer pieces, creating a new garment ready to wear. Looking good is all about comfort. The new line of HM denim wear presents a wardrobe that is versatile and useful. This new line placed on the market by HM demonstrates smart use of recycled dress wear. Ecouterre offers elegant fashions designed from recycled materials; the dress manufactured from children’s books is one example of Ecouterre’s unique line of clothing.
Recycling puts cloth back into circulation saving landfill space. Different from vintage clothing, recycled clothing is recreated material making a new product. At present companies can only use a 20% part of old fabric, but the ability to use recycled materials is increasing. Ecouterre is working with denim, which for years has stood as one of the world’s easiest fabrics to recycle. Most people own an attractive pair of jeans and today’s styles can be dressed up or down.
Manufacturers are stuffing mattresses and creating materials for seat padding. Recycled materials are in high demand. Nevertheless, some materials still find their way into garbage disposals and ends up creating environmental waste but people are beginning to find a way to save and reuse as much clothing material as possible.

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