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Community Gardening

November 13, 2013 | posted in: Healthy Living, In The News, Lifestyle | by

A community garden can be any piece of land that is gardened by a group of people in a town, city, apartment building, neighborhood, or hospital. A variety of plants are grown in community gardens like flowers, herbs, vegetables, and fruits. Community gardens bring people together working on a project the provides a positive and rewarding experience for a community. A community garden requires dedication, passion, and planning to come alive.
Community gardens benefit the community by providing a place for families to meet. They often provide fresh fruit vegetables. and herbs to community members. They can be a place to meet to enjoy the outdoors or work on the gardens. They teach gardening skills, beautify the community, and encourage self reliance.
The Elm Avenue Community Garden in Lancaster California is an example of a successful community garden. More than 100 dedicated volunteers transformed a vacant lot into a thriving garden where families can gather. This garden provides fresh fruits and vegetables to the community. Volunteers had to clear weeds, and dig irrigation ditches during the first phase. The efforts began in 2010.
During the next phase volunteers built raised bed planters throughout the lot. A dozen organizations support the garden. It has gardening classes for local community members, and a mediation area. The Elm Avenue Community Garden has hosted community events where there were artists, installation of a water fountain, and members planting seeds. It provides a place for people to come to enjoy the serenity.
Staring a community garden involves planning. The American Association of Community Gardens provides some great resources and information on how to organize and get started. There are many successful community gardens around the United States that attest to the power of the community.
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