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Clean Energy Developments: Algae Powered Building, Solar Farms & more!

Algae-powered building, ionic wind thrusters and 3D-textured solar cells

Recently, Inhabitat reported that the world’s first algae-powered building officially opened its doors in Hamburg, Germany. It’s the BIQ House and the building features a bio-adaptive algae facade that controls day lighting while generating a steady stream of renewable energy.  Germany is the leading country in clean technology.  The country has quadrupled its energy production in the past tow years, which in part is due to its rapidly growing alternative energy portfolio. Just over the pond in England the world’s largest wind farm is up and operating and in Paris, Schneider Electric set up kinetic energy-harvesting tiles that generate power from runners in the Paris Marathon.To top of all of the new green energy developments, the International Space Station, astronauts are installing a new type of 3D-textured solar cell that will soak up 16 sunrises every day.



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  1. The costs of producing electricity using coal and nuclear energy are 3 ¢ and 5¢ per kWh, respectively (EIA 1990). However, the costs of this kind of energy generation are artificially low because they do not include such external costs as damages from acid rain produced from coal and decommissioning costs for the closing of nuclear plants. The Clean Air Act and its amendments may raise coal generation costs, while the new reactor designs, standardization, and streamlined regulations may reduce nuclear generation costs. Government subsidies for nuclear and coal plants also skew the comparison with solar energy technologies (Wolfson 1991).

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