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DIY Solar Lights

Want Solar lights but, don’t want to spend an arm and a leg for them? Create your own by making sun jars. It’ simple, easy and affordable. Follow the steps below and in no time you will have your own solar powered lights!


What you need:

  • A mason jar with a clear glass lid
  • A solar garden light
  • Adhesive
  • Glass frosting spray

What to do:

Start by spraying the inside of the jar with the frosting spray – this will help diffuse the light and give it a warm glow. Don’t spray the lid though! It needs to be clear in order to work. Next, you’ll need to take apart the solar lamp – this is a lot easier than it sounds, depending on what kind of lamp you purchase.  Certain kinds can simply be unscrewed and the solar/battery pack remains intact, whereas others will require some reassembly with adhesive. Glue the solar cell, or the parts you’ve harvested from the garden lamp, to the underside of the jar’s lid, and you’re done! Close the lid, put your jar in direct sunlight, and it’ll glow all night long!

3 Responses to DIY Solar Lights
  1. Sounds really interesting, will give my kids an assignment today !
    I have heard that you can also install true solar light without the diode that is powered by diffusing solar rays and usually are installed of roofs to light up dark rooms in daytime.

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  3. Nice and easy project. The only issue I think I might have is spraying the jar “from the inside” without doing a mess…

    By the way Dan Johnson, the “solar light without the diode” you are referring to are solar tubular lights. They bring daylight inside a house and are quite efficient.

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