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So-Cal Solar attending the Orange County Home & Garden Show

  So-Cal Solar Inc. will be attending the Orange County Home & Garden Show this weekend. The show will focus on educational and informative displays and showcases for home and garden improvement. So-Cal Solar will be attending the show with information on the benefits of going solar. We will also be giving away a solar..

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Top Ten Earth Day Tips

Happy Earth Day from the So-Cal Solar Family! Here are our top ten Earth Day Tips:     1. Unplug Electronics: Leaving electronics plugged in when not in use is called the “vampire effect.” Even when not turned on, an appliance that is plugged into a power source can still draw energy. According to the..

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Solar Mythbusters

With all the talk of going solar these days we here at So-Cal Solar Inc. thought we would pass along our insightful mythbuster report on going solar.    1. Solar Panels Do Not Work At Night Yes, it is true solar panels do not generate any power in the darkness, but solar frequently generates more..

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2013 Home & Garden Show!

Antelope Valley—So Cal Solar Inc. attended the 2013 Home and Garden Show. Our aim was to bring more solar awareness to the community. With a booth display that could be seen from one end of the room to the next, we pulled out all the stops.  We wowed visitors with our larger than life 70”video..

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High-end Fashion meets renewable energy!

The words “high fashion” and “renewable energy” typically aren’t seen strolling down the street holding hands. But, high fashion line Chanel introduced the two to each other in their Spring-Summer 2013 fashion show—and the two seem to be getting along just fine. The show took place at the hall of the Grand Palais in Paris,..

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So-Cal Solar In The News

March 6, 2013 | posted in: In The News, Solar Industry, Solar News, Website News | by 1 Comment

In December of 2012, San Fernando Business Journal did an article on the growth of the “diverse industry” of any “technology that lowers carbon emissions”. The solar market was reported to be flourishing and expanding. Our Vice President, Xiomara Roman, here at So-Cal Solar Inc. stated when interviewed, “This last year has been a heavy..

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