Electric Alternatives

Solar and Hydrogen Going Hand in Hand

Solar energy offers the potential for freeing people from use of fossil-based fuels. Today’s photovoltaic cells capture the sun’s energy and converts it to directly to electricity for immediate use or storage in a battery. All without greenhouse emissions. What if you were able to harness the sun’s energy in another way? Like using it to..

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Solar Vineyard Winery

The Solar Vineyard Winery, designed by Michael Jantzen, was created in order to explore the potentials of a large winery and also function as a solar electric generation power plant. It works by utilizing solar electricity produced through a large bank of curved photovoltaic solar cells that are elevated above the winery roof. The Solar..

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Solar Mythbusters

With all the talk of going solar these days we here at So-Cal Solar Inc. thought we would pass along our insightful mythbuster report on going solar.    1. Solar Panels Do Not Work At Night Yes, it is true solar panels do not generate any power in the darkness, but solar frequently generates more..

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